Land Sheriffs began its affiliation and partnership with the rail industry over 12 years ago, when we were first entrusted with the protection of the High Speed Railway in 2005 and proudly still protect the only High Speed railway in the UK to date.

Since 2005 we have continually adapted and perfected our rail security model to meet the demands of this ever evolving industry which demands the highest level of trained staff to deliver an effective and fast response to keep the travelling public moving 24/7 across the networks everyday.

We are now responsible for all line of routes within the South East of England with staff trained to the highest standards, coupled with our partnerships with Train Operating Companies cross organisation links allow us to utilise and deploy staff to incidents very efficiently. 

We have been awarded and won many railway related awards since 2005 and continue to deliver a professional service to our railway clients which continue to grow each year.

We have trusted partnerships with local authorities, line-side neighbours and a very key and important relationship with the BTP that sees us sharing key intel.

Our passion for the sector remains a big part of our identity and demonstrates our ability to work within a high pressure industry for the last 12 years.