Network Rail



Network Rail runs, maintains and develops Britain’s rail tracks, signaling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and many key stations. Land Sheriffs works with Network Rail to keep these secure. That means Land Sheriffs helps Network Rail’s train operating companies deliver consistent improvements in their Public Performance Measure and so reduce their delay compensation payments.


Land Sheriffs has been delivering a service to Network Rail for over 12 years which has evolved and adapted to meet the demands of an ever changing industry. Although our ethos and approach has remained focused and driven, we continue to always push the boundaries in service delivery to Network Rail with our professional pro-active and efficient security and support services we provide 24/7 365.

We have over 90 NR dedicated staff, deployed in over 30 teams, and 40 vehicles deployed 24/7 365, all entrusted with the protection, deterrent, and safety of our customers staff, commuters, and of millions of pounds worth of assets/infrastructure.

We also deliver lifesaving work, saving countless lives on the network which is a true indication of the level of professionalism and expertise Land Sheriffs employs.

We have been entrusted with this demanding, challenging but proud responsibility in providing these security services now for many years which is a testament to our teams abilities to deliver.


Your worth your weight in gold!

Dave Clarkson

Tottenham MOM NR


Since the introduction of Land Sheriffs within Network Rail we’ve seen a reduction in crime related incidents from cable theft to trespass and vandalism. Reports from local communities are that they’re extremely well appreciated, professional and feel safer knowing that they’re around.

Dave Ward